Mohammad Ismail Bin Hussian secures another medal for Singapore

Mohd Ismail in action for the Singles TPB3 (mixed)event (1)
Mohd Ismail in action for the Singles TPB3 (mixed)event (1)

Long-time rivals meet again at the Micron Singapore World Para Bowling. Mohammad Ismail (SGP) and Mohd Rizal Hassan (MAS) competed in the Singles TPB3 event and it was a see-saw of results throughout the 6 games. Mohd Rizal emerged with the top score of 1215 whilst Mohamed Ismail scored 1170, securing a silver ahead of Cheung Hoi Tung (HKG) with a score of 1134.

Ismail shares his views on how he competes, “When I bowl I don’t really know where I stand, I just bowl until the last ball and not look too much into what my competitors are scoring. I feel that there are more ways to improve and I hope to excel in the doubles event with my partner tomorrow.”

Doubles event commenced today and will continue on till tomorrow.

The TPB9 & TPB9 (Mixed) event saw to Low Chang Hong scoring the highest games score of 289 for that event, partnering with Surjeet Singh from India in that event. Placing eighth, Low is determined to excel his scores for the all-events category at the end of the tournament.

The competition will continue till 27 July 2019.



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