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Call for provision of services to develop SG-Coach level 1 Technical Coaching Programme for Para Athletics 

Contract for service. Deliverables must be completed by November 2022.

A contractor is sought to propose and produce the curriculum and content for a SG-Coach Level 1 Technical Coaching Programme for the sport of para athletics. 

The deliverables are: 

  1. To propose a coaching education programme that encompasses sports specific modules that align with the requirements of the SG-Coach Level 1 Technical Programme. 


Projected modules include: 

  1. Course Information

  • Overview & Objectives

  • Course pre-requisites

  • Assessment criteria

  1. Overview of the Sport

  • History of the sport

  • Structure & background of organizations in the sport

  • Philosophy, mission & vision of SDSC

  • Key local events & competitions in the sport

  1. Rules of the Sport

  • Basic rules

  • Competition rules

  • Field of Play requirement

  • Equipment & attire requirement

  1. Classification

  • Classification Process

  • Minimum eligibility criteria

  • Sport Classes

  1. Coaching Youth/Children

  • Adapted coaching

  • Modified equipment for children

  1. Risk Assessment & Management of the Sport

  • Sport specific risks

  • Injury prevention methods

  1. Technical Skills

  • Basic skills

  • Drills to coach basic skill

  • Small-sided / modified games for coaching technical skills

  • Sample training session plan(s) for coaching technical skills

  1. Tactics & Strategies

  • Basic tactics

  • Drills to coach basic tactics

  • Small-sided/modified games for coaching tactical skills

  • Sample training session plan(s) for coaching tactical skills

  1. Physical Training

  • Physical fitness components required

  • Nutrition requirements

  • Sport specific warm up & cool down exercises

  • Sport specific training methods

  1. Other relevant topics


These shall be subjected to changes. 


  1. To produce the programme content and materials, including: 


  1. Scheme of work 

  2. Modular lesson plan 

  3. Modular teaching guides and associated presentation slides 

  4. Modular learning guides and notes 

  5. Modular competency assessments 


  1. To refine the programme, content and materials based on review by SDSC and CoachSG. 

Interested contractors should note that the intellectual property of the programme, content and materials shall belong to SDSC throughout the development and conduct of the programme. 

Payment shall be made in one lump sum within 30 days of invoice submission after project completion. No payment can be made before service delivery, such as deposits. No payment shall be made for services provided and terminated by the contractor before project completion. No payment shall be made to the contractor if SDSC terminates the contract due to non-fulfillment of agreed deliverables.  

Either party can vary the terms of engagement as long as the other party agrees to such variation.

Either party can terminate the contract as long as there is notice of 30 days given to the other party in the form of a written documentation.

Please submit the following via email to Mr Justinian Chua ( by [Extended] 8 July 2022, 5.00pm

  1. Proposal

Please provide a proposal based on the given deliverables and describe your approach. The proposal must include a project timeline from appointment to project completion, and the following milestones: 

  • Completion of Draft 1

  • Completion of Draft 2

  • Completion of Final manual & Delivery of all materials

  1. Track Record 

Please provide information on at least three (3) previous projects that best match our requirement, and contacts for references.  

  1. Price

Please provide a cost quotation from appointment to project completion. This quotation should be broken down with details. Any exclusions or services that would incur additional costs should be clearly indicated. Any proposal of staggered payments must reflect a corresponding schedule of service delivery that can be evidenced. Otherwise, a lump sum payment shall be exercised. 


Late or incomplete submissions will not be accepted.


Comparisons will be made on the following to appoint the contractor: 

  1. Quality of Proposal (Weight: 40%) 

  2. Quality of Track Record (Weight: 40%) 

  3. Price competitiveness (Weight: 20%)


Please contact Mr Justinian Chua ( / 6342 3564).

You may download the PDF here