[SDSC Directive] Suspension of Training Programmes for all Sports until 30 April 2020

24 March 2020 (Updated 25 March 2020 with FAQs)

Dear Athletes, Officials, NDSAs, Sports Teams,

SDSC Directive: Suspension of Training Programmes for all Sports until 30 April 2020

The Ministry of Health (“MOH”) issued an advisory on 24 March 2020, titled “Tighter measures to minimise further spread of COVID-19”. Additionally, Sport Singapore (SportSG) has also issued an advisory on 24 March 2020, titled “Advisory to the sporting fraternity”.

In view of the developing COVID-19 situation, and the Multi-Ministry Taskforce’s decision to “enforce stricter measures that would limit gatherings outside of work and school to 10 persons or fewer”, the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) would like to announce the suspension of all of SDSC’s training programmes for all sports with immediate effect, until 30 April 2020.

Factors such as the vulnerability of our athletes, and the rise of unlinked COVID-19 cases in Singapore, have been taken into consideration, in addition to the advisories. With the safety of our athletes as paramount importance, SDSC has had to make this difficult decision.

Safety and health of all remains SDSC’s top priority

At SDSC, the safety and health of our athletes, our officials and members of the public, is our top priority. Please continue to exercise the necessary precautions, such as regular hand-washing and social distancing. If you are not feeling well, please see a doctor. Together, we will ride through this storm and come out of it stronger.

Please refer to go.gov.sg/mohupdates for latest updates. If you have any questions, please contact the relevant sports officer or call 6342 3501.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,


FAQs (Further questions may be directed to your NDSA or sports officer)


Q1. Can I still utilise the training facilities at the respective time slots that have been booked for training?
A: The suspension of training is in place until 30 April 2020. SDSC will be cancelling the respective booking of all facilities up till this date.

Q2. Can I still train on my own or conduct my own training?
A: SDSC has made the difficult decision of suspending training with the health and safety of our athletes and officials as our top priority. SDSC recommends that you exercise discretion and take appropriate measures to stay safe during this period.

Q3. The directive states that all training programmes will be suspended until 30 April 2020. Will this suspension be further extended?

A: SDSC will be monitoring the situation closely and taking direction from government advisories. We will review the situation and a decision will be made as we approach the end of April. This will be communicated to all parties who are affected.

Q4. I understand that the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics are postponed till 2021. Are there changes to the qualification criteria and can I try and aim for qualification?
A: At this juncture, there are no immediate changes to the qualification criteria that had been previously set out. SDSC will take direction from the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), International Federations, and work closely with Singapore National Paralympic Council(SNPC) on this matter.

Q5. The ASEAN Para Games 2020 are postponed to 3 to 9 October 2020. I want to train but the suspension affects my training plan. What can I do to stay fit in April 2020?

A: SDSC recommends that you continue to stay fit by exploring some exercises that you can do in the comfort of your home. Additionally, SDSC will work with the coaches to explore alterations to the training plan.  through e-learning, such as improving athletes’ knowledge of techniques, competition rules and game or team strategies. SDSC wants our athletes to stay safe and use the opportunity to retain competitiveness.

For Athletes

Q6. I am a carded athlete. Will I still get my Athletes Training Allowance (ATA) for the month of March?

A: The training attendance and objectives will be revised and dated up till 24 March 2020. If you have met the training objectives and the criteria for the disbursement of the allowance, we will be able to disburse the March 2020 allowance in full to you. 

Q7. I am a carded athlete. I have made some appointments at the SSI Medical Centre. Can I still attend these appointments, or make more appointments at SSI Medical Centre for the month of April 2020?
A: Please call the SSI Medical Centre 6500 5450 for more information. We advise you to defer any appointment if possible, but if you have to go for the appointment, please take the necessary precautions and adhere to the measures put in place at SportSG’s office.

For Officials/Coaches

Q8. Will I still receive my service fees for the month of March 2020?

A: SDSC will pay for all services rendered by the coaches according to their contract terms. 

Q9: Will I still receive my service fees for the month of April 2020?

A: SDSC will pay for all services rendered by the coaches according to their contact terms. If there were services rendered for the month of April, payment will be made according to the respective contract terms. 

SDSC understands that this is a trying period for coaches who may be facing reduced incomes from programme cancellations on other fronts too. SDSC will work with the coaches and athletes to determine if alternatives to physical coaching can be achieved fruitfully in the programmes, which may allow some coaches to continue rendering their service through different means. However, SDSC cannot guarantee that solutions can be found in every programme and seeks coaches’ understanding on this. 

As a charity, SDSC has its own funding challenges amidst this worsening economic climate, but would endeavour to maintain a healthy para sports landscape for all stakeholders whilst ensuring the responsible use of public funds.

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