Additional Measures for Travellers and Senior Athletes To Reduce Further Transmission of COVID-19 Cases

21 March 2020

Dear NDSAs, Sports Teams,

Additional Measures for Travellers and Senior Athletes To Reduce Further Transmission of COVID-19 Cases

Over the past few days, about 70 percent of Singapore’s new COVID-19 cases were imported, most of whom were Singapore residents and long-term pass holders returning to Singapore after travel abroad. In view of the heightened risk of further importation of COVID-19 to Singapore, SDSC will be implementing additional measures to further prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

Local Trainings

All athletes, coaches and officials (including volunteers and caregivers) who have travel history from 5 March onwards are NOT to attend training for 14 days from their date of entry to Singapore, regardless of the country they have been to.

Example: A returned to Singapore on 10 Mar. A should not attend training from 11 Mar to 25 Mar.

Events and Gatherings

Between now and 30 June 2020, all events and gatherings with 250 or more participants in attendance at any one time must be suspended.

For events and gatherings with fewer than 250 participants, organisers and event venue operators are required to implement the necessary precautionary measures to ensure separation of at least a metre between participants. These measures include spaced seating at events, and reducing mingling of participants such as during meal times.

Overseas Trainings and Competitions

All athletes, coaches and officials are advised to defer all travel abroad with immediate effect. This supercedes our earlier advisory to defer all non-essential travel abroad. The expansion of the travel advisory is to reduce the risk of Singaporeans being infected with the virus when abroad, and spreading it to other Singaporeans when they return.

Additional safe distancing measures for seniors

To continue to safeguard the wellbeing of our senior athletes and officials, the suspension of all training activities will be extended for another 14 days, until 7 April. In addition, all organisers of activities that involve physical interactions amongst seniors should suspend such activities from 22 March to 7 April.

At SDSC, the safety of our participants, our partners and members of the public, is our top priority. Please continue to exercise precaution and stay safe. Please refer to for latest updates.

If you have any questions, please contact the relevant sports officer or call 6342 3501.

Thank you very much.


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