Athlete Support Programme

Background The ASP was introduced and administered by the SDSC’s Sports Excellence department in order to identify and develop world-class athletes. It is one of the main pillars of the DISABILITY SPORTS 21 programme. The ASP is part of a larger sports excellence management framework that is designed to support all dedicated athletes with disabilities […]

Sports Excellence Programme

Aims Sports Excellence Establishing a local network of an elite level of competitions in Singapore and create opportunities for more overseas competitive exposure. Develop a comprehensive coaching framework to provide continuity in coaching practices throughout all levels of the SDSC sports programmes. Develop a comprehensive framework for the management of athletes, in terms of support, […]

SportSG spexCarding

Athlete Life Developing Team Singapore Holistically, in Education and Career Athletes under the spexCarding Scheme can also approach the Athlete Life team for opportunities and support. The Singapore Sport Institute (SSI) set up the Athlete Life team to develop Team Singapore athletes holistically in key areas of education, career, and life-skills. The Athlete Life team comprises of spexBusiness and spexEducation: […]

Swimming Programme

Introduction The information below shows the requirement to enter SDSC Swimming programme. Athletes that meet the qualification criteria as the stated below will be considered for the SDSC Development Para Swimming Programme 2023 for a 12 month period, 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024. SDSC Swimming Development Programme Info 2023 You may use the […]


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