SportSG spexCarding

spexCarding provides an enhanced level of support for athletes by Sport Singapore. In order to be part of this programme, athletes are required to be nominated by their National Sports Associations (NSAs). Through this programme, athletes are allocated spexCarding levels based on their performance and achievements.

Athlete Life

Developing Team Singapore Holistically, in Education and Career

Athletes under the spexCarding Scheme can also approach the Athlete Life team for opportunities and support.

The Singapore Sport Institute (SSI) set up the Athlete Life team to develop Team Singapore athletes holistically in key areas of education, career, and life-skills. The Athlete Life team comprises of spexBusiness and spexEducation:

  • spexBusiness was launched in November 2013, to assist national athletes to achieve their career goals without compromising their pursuit of sporting excellence. This national initiative also seeks to prepare our Team Singapore athletes for the eventual transition to life-after-sports.
  • spexEducation looks into implementing a support system to help student-athletes achieve their sport without comprising on their academic aspirations.

There are 3 key areas of support for your athletes from the team:

  • Career

Access to a network of 57 athlete-friendly spexBusiness companies across various industries offering various work exposure opportunities.

  • Entrepreneurship guidance

Gain a head start in setting up their business through mentorship guidance, resources, and connections.

  • Athlete Life Coaching

Access to athlete life coaching that guides them into planning and making decisions and proactively prepares them for transitions ahead.

Please contact the Athlete Life team if they would like to:

  • Be connected with various flexible career opportunities in athlete-friendly spexBusiness companies
  • Talk to the team and plan their life, sport, education or career aspirations
  • Be more well-prepared for a career both in and after sport
  • Get mentorship and guidance in setting up their first business 

Please refer to the attached Athlete Life Fact Sheet for more information.

For information on the SportSG spexCarding Scheme and other High-Performance Sports Support programmes, please refer to Singapore Sports High-Performance Sports Support.


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