In the Spotlight: SDSA 2021 Gold Partners KF1 Karting and Andaz Singapore


Exploring ideas to fundraise for charities in Singapore? Look no further. In SDSC’s brand new series, In the Spotlight, we feature and speak to individuals, brands and organisations who have chosen to partner SDSC and to raise funds for disability sports in Singapore.

Every effort counts and helps to empower persons with disabilities to pursue sports and lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

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26 July 2021

In the month of July, SDSC is hosting SDSA Digital Raffle 2021 in conjunction with the Singapore Disability Sports Awards (SDSA) 2021 presented by Haw Par Corporation, where we are encouraging members of the public to donate for a chance to win attractive experiences across different categories as part of a donation draw.

We spoke to two representatives from our two of our Gold Partners for the SDSA Digital Raffle 2021, James Lee, Operations Manager of KF1 Karting and Nicole Loh, Cluster Director of Marketing Communications of Andaz Singapore on their thoughts about coming on board this fundraising initiative.

Can you share with us more about you and your company/organisation?

James: I’m James and I’m the Operations Manager for KF1 (been so since 2015!; my first job too); I handle almost everything from ground operations (fun karts/ race karts/ customer service/ etc), to back end admin (logistics, HR, schedule planning, marketing, etc) to corporate events. I’m not an F1 fan, and I’ve a degree in Business Management, so whatever I’ve learnt and acquired here, was on the job and through handwork and taking initiative.

KF1 started out with temporary circuits back when there were no fixed locations for karting yet (and the word “karting” was not familiar to almost every Singaporean). We then managed to get a fixed location in Kranji (inside Singapore Turf Club) and form there we started to grow the karting scene and community, as well as bring awareness for the karting motorsports to Singaporeans. Since 2015, we’ve processed thousands of customers, handled close to 500+ corporate events, have done-off site karting locations (at the F1 pitbuilding, at 313 Somerset, at a military Airbase, just to name a few). We currently have 2 circuits – one at Kranji and one at RWS. KF1 caters to karters of all skill levels – be it newcomers and experienced ones, with the best karting facility in Singapore.

Nicole: Andaz Singapore is a luxury hotel by Hyatt located in DUO, which weaves local culture, design, and cuisine into an authentic experience for all. Discover Singapore through fresh perspectives with panoramic views of the city from sky-high guest rooms to exploring the culturally rich alleyways of the Kampong Glam neighbourhood, and reveling the night away in a tepee hut at its stunning rooftop bar.

When SDSC approached you to work together for the SDSA Digital Raffle 2021, what was one key factor in deciding to come onboard despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19?

James: We didn’t have to think much really – if it’s for a good cause and we can afford the sponsorship for the said cause, then why not? So we went ahead with it.

Nicole: The hotel is in the business of caring for people so that they can be their best. With this purpose ingrained in the culture, it inspires us to enrich, support and give back to communities, particularly in such unprecedented times.

What did you know about disability sports and has your knowledge changed after this partnership with SDSC?

James: I personally have hosted an event for Singapore Deaf Association and experienced first hand the courage, friendliness (and sportiness as well) of individuals who are willing to push themselves despite their condition and I really admire that, and it’s really inspiring to see.

Nicole: It is wonderful to learn about the new and ongoing initiatives rolled out to support the community such as the new app, SDSC LIFE, to encourage and support persons with disabilities.

How can we encourage people/organisations to be like you and to come forward to be more giving?

James: I believe a lot organisations don’t give/sponsor unless asked (given their busy schedule and targets to meet; therefore donations isn’t at the top of their head as a something to do), thus I’m sure if they were approached and shown the benefits and outcomes of their sponsorship, I believe they’d be more than willing to donate, and do it again.

Nicole: Giving is a personal choice and it’s always better to give than to receive.

What do you think Singaporeans can do better in trying to create a more inclusive Singapore for persons with disabilities or special needs in general?

James: Be more understanding and compassionate. Generally more awareness; perhaps programmes (live/ social media/ shows/ etc) to show regular people not to take it for granted that they were born healthy and without any disability, and to then show compassion to others who although are not as fortunate as them, but still have the heart to carry on with life, and in this case, even push their competitive side and to take up sports.

Nicole: Companies looking for CSR initiatives can partner with SDSC to bring awareness to the community and its cause. For example, members of the public can experience a day in the life of a Paralympian.

An announcement was made recently on the athletes who are qualified to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics in August. Can you share some words of encouragement to our Paralympians representing Singapore?

James: Do not pile too much pressure on themselves; they have nothing to prove to anyone; just do their best and go for gold!

Nicole: On behalf of everyone in the hotel, we wish them all the best and our support is with them every step of the way. The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for all of us.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for all of us. What are your hopes for Singapore for the next few months and beyond?

James: For everyone to stay safe and healthy, and of course to adhere to the rules and regulations!

Nicole: Singapore will continue to evolve and grow strong in the fight against COVID19. Along with local authorities, we hope that the vaccination goal can soon be achieved.

A big thank you to James and Nicole for sharing their thoughts and for being a part of SDSA Digital Raffle 2021. There are 3 more days to purchase tickets and purchases can be made by Thursday, 29 July 2021 (2359). Purchase your tickets here:

More information available here.


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