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Sailing was introduced in 1996 at the Paralympics held at Atlanta as an exhibition event and eventually went on to become a full medal sport in 2000 at the Paralympics at Sydney. The sailor’s election is influenced by the classification system based on four factors for athlete’s safekeeping such as stability, hand function, mobility and vision.


Sailing’s governing body is the International Foundation for Disabled Sailing (IFDS), which in turn is recognized by the International Sailing Federation.

What’s in it for you?

From improving self-esteem to empowering leadership skills, Sailing is a sport that holds numerous benefits for participants. A sailor learns to be independent since he/she would be controlling the sail alone out at sea. Physical benefits include improved muscle tone, increase in body strength and improved coordination due to the range of movement required. Sailing is both fun and beneficial, triggering both mind and body to work at the same time.


Amputees    Cerebral Palsy    Muscular Dystrophy    Spinal Cord Injury    

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