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Archery may look simple on the surface, just someone shooting an arrow to hit a target. However, to achieve that perfect shot, there are important factors to consider, including having both physical and perceptual stamina. With training, you will be able to appreciate this fine art, which was one of the original Paralympic sports contested in Rome in 1960. Archers will stand at a set distance and shoot at a target marked with ten scoring zones. The sport comprises of individual and team events, standing and wheelchair competitions.

The governing body for archery is the IPC through the International Paralympic Archery Committee, which follows the rules of FITA (the international governing body for the able-bodied Archery) with a few minor modifications as detailed in the IPC Archery rulebook.

What’s in it for you?

Archers challenge themselves on accuracy and profound concentration that require both physical and perceptual stamina. A test of endurance, archery also requires ample amounts of patience. Archery helps enhance one’s self-confidence and teaches one on the importance of safety and responsibility.  Archery is a sport that is designed for and open to athletes who are physically challenged in three functional classes.


Amputees    Cerebral Palsy    Spinal Cord Injury   

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