Introducing Boccia through the Tiger Balm WeHeartBoccia Community Outreach Programme


SDSC recently held the first run of the Tiger Balm WeHeartBoccia Community Outreach Programme Training Workshop where 40 participants came forward to learn about the sport of Boccia on 13 March and 27 March 2021.

The Tiger Balm WeHeartBoccia Community Outreach Programme hopes to bring the sport of Boccia to the heartlands and in particular, through Senior Activity Centres and Early Intervention Centres. SDSC intends to provide training to centre staff and volunteers to empower them to be able to facilitate and organise regular Boccia sessions at their respective centres.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore kindly provided the venue and supported SDSC in the development of the materials. Additionally, Coach Lanny Kwok, Coach Yurnita Bte Omar, athletes Juni Syafiqa Jumat and Neo Kah Whye and other volunteer trainers helmed the programme and ensured the first run of the workshops were a success.

Learning to Mentor

Kah Whye and Syafiqa shared their experience as group mentors and why they decided to volunteer their time to help run the workshops.

Is it the first time you were involved in helping with a Boccia workshop What do you think the participants enjoyed the most about Boccia?

Kah Whye and Syafiqa: Yes, it was our first time helping in the workshop. It was a great feeling and experience. The most enjoyable part would be gaining knowledge, sharing ideas and playing Boccia together.

How easy was it to explain about the sport of Boccia? What were the challenges?

KW and S: It was quite easy to explain as we already know and are familiar with Boccia. There were a few challenges for us, like measuring the distance of the ball, picking up the ball when the end (game) finishes.

Why did you decide to volunteer your time to help out and what did you learn about yourselves?

KW and S: We wanted to share some knowledge and gain experience as a trainer. We’ve learned how to guide them and teach them what Boccia is all about.

How different is it being an athlete as compared to a trainee coach or a mentor?

KW and S: As an athlete, we take advice from the coach to improve ourselves. As a mentor, we had to give suggestions and feedback to them to improve their experience of the workshop.

SDSC’s intention is for Senior Activity Centres and Early Intervention Centres to play boccia regularly and perhaps compete in a tournament too. What do you think about more people playing the sport?

KW and S: Boccia is a game that everyone can play. We hope to see more individuals playing Boccia.

Asean Para Games (APG) 2021 is due to happen at the end of the year. Are you looking forward to it and what are your thoughts about the games?

KW and S: Yes, we’re looking forward to APG 2021. We’ll try our best to stay focus and do well.

Interested to find out more?

Are you from a Senior Activity Centre or an Early Intervention Centre and keen for your beneficiaries or clients to learn how to play Boccia? Drop us an email at to register interest to be a part of the next round of workshops.


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