[SDSC Advisory] DORSCON Level Changes to Orange and Impact on SDSC’s Activities

7 February 2020

Dear NDSAs, Sports Teams,

DORSCON Level Changes to Orange and Impact on SDSC’s Activities

The Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) would like to inform you that the Ministry of Health has announced that the ‘Disease Outbreak Response System Condition’ (DORSCON) is now DORSCON level Orange. With the latest developments, there will be changes made to the SDSC’s training programmes. Please note the action plan below.

1. Training Activities

It will be COMPULSORY for precautionary measures (outlined below) to be ENFORCED by all officials and coaches, before training activities can continue. If precautionary measures are not in place, all training is to be SUSPENDED. Suspension of training can only be lifted after SDSC (or the relevant sports officer) receives notification that precautionary measures are in place.

Precautionary Measures

A. Temperature Taking

Athlete/official/caregiver/coach must not have a temperature above 37.5 degrees. Any person with temperature above 37.5 degrees will not be permitted to continue training.

B. Handwashing with Soap

Athlete/official/caregiver/coach must wash their hands with soap before and after training.

2. Suspension of Training Activities

All athletes deemed to be from the vulnerable groups, i.e. athletes with respiratory problems, boccia athletes, are to SUSPEND all training activities with immediate effect. 

3. Purchase of Equipment

Due to inventory limitations in SDSC, officials/coaches can purchase 1-2 thermometers for the sports groups they oversee and claim from SDSC. 

At SDSC, the safety of our participants, our partners and members of the public, is our top priority. Refer to SDSC’s DORSCON measures attached. Please continue to exercise precaution and stay safe. Please refer to go.gov.sg/mohupdates for latest updates.

If you have any questions, please contact the relevant sports officer or call 6342 3501.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,


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