The Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) is pleased to invite website developers to submit their bid for the enhancement and development of SDSC Corporate Website.


The Singapore Disability Sports Council (“SDSC”) is the national body for Persons with Disabilities (PwD), founded in 1973. It aims to transform the lives of PwD through sport as a form of rehabilitative therapy and means to realise their potential. Besides providing platforms for learning sport, SDSC trains talents to represent Singapore at regional and international competitions. Our success stories include Jason Chee, former para table tennis player and ASEAN Para Games gold medalist, and Yip Pin Xiu, Singapore’s first Paralympic gold medallist. Read more about the SDSC at


The appointed Vendor (“Contractor”) will work with SDSC-appointed representatives for the provision of goods and services as set out in the Scope of Work. The Contractor is responsible for the delivery of items listed below


3.1.     The Contractor is required to provide a progress report to update SDSC on the progress of the arrangements on a weekly basis and seek clearance from SDSC or its designated officers on matters relating to the project.

3.2.     The report shall cover:
(a) all tasks which are in progress or which were scheduled to begin or end that week;
(b) status of problems reported by types of services; and
(c) Progress on services requested, or is scheduled to begin and end that week. 

3.3.     The Contractor would be required to conduct and/or attend regular meetings at SDSC or other venues as required for the purposes of discussion/meeting or other matters related to the project.

3.4.     Any communication materials supplied by SDSC should only be used for the project and should not be reproduced elsewhere or be used for any other purpose unless specified by SDSC.

3.5.     The Contractor may also propose other value-added services that SDSC may benefit from by engaging its services over and above the requirements mentioned in the specifications.

3.6. The Contractor may have to work and liaise with SDSC’s existing web hosting vendor.

3.7.     The Contractor is to consult and obtain SDSC’s approval should they need to change any of the above specifications, duties and responsibilities before and during the course of the project.

3.8. The Contractor shall undertake to ensure that information to be included in the website is not to be reproduced without the expressed approval of authorised officers from SDSC.

3.9. The Contractor shall maintain the integrity and confidentiality of information provided and given access to in the course of website development.

3.10. SDSC reserves the right to change the scope of work as well as the proposed development concept within reasonable limits.


4.1.     The Contractor shall provide SDSC with a detailed Project Plan for SDSC’s approval.

4.2.     The Project Plan shall include a project schedule that shows in detail, to the task level, how each of the milestones could be achieved.

4.3.     Any changes to any schedule must be proposed to and approved by SDSC.


5.1.     The Contractor shall submit:

5.2.     A briefing shall be held for interested contractors to clarify any questions on the requirements on 22 December 2020. Registration is required for the briefing. Please register via this link by 21 December 2020, 12pm.

5.3. The closing date for submission of proposals for the ITT is  12 January 2021, 5pm.

5.4. Contact persons

Stefanie Pitchian
Corporate Communications Executive
Mobile: 8157 4165

 Lim Wei Hao
Marketing and Development Executive
Mobile: 9189 2553


6.1.     SDSC shall be under no obligation to accept the lowest or any quotation. SDSC reserves the right to award the quotation to any Contractor and will not enter into correspondence with any Contractor regarding the reasons for non-acceptance of a quotation.

6.2.     SDSC reserves the right to award this ITT as a whole or in part.

6.3.     Quotes must be completed with clear prices stated, including any service charges or taxes. There should be no hidden costs. 


Quotations shall be assessed by a panel on the following:

7.1.     Strength of creative concept (20%)
7.2.     Flexibility of proposal (20%)
7.2.     Experience/portfolio and track record (20%)
7.3.     Price competitiveness (40%)

Shortlisted contractors may be required to present their concepts to the panel before the award is decided. The presentation date will be informed to shortlisted contractors.    


8.1.     SDSC reserves the right to reject the delivered goods if they are deemed unsatisfactory or not in accordance to the specifications laid out and agreed upon through this award.


9.1.     Contractors are to indicate clearly costs, using the template in Annex A, including costs for items not requested in the specifications but additional value-added work proposed.

9.2.     Payment terms: 100% upon completion of the project and satisfactory receipt of commissioned works, within 30 days of proper invoice submission.  

Please download the full ITT to view Annex A (Price Schedule) & Annex B (Brief of SDSC corporate website enhancement and development) HERE

15 December 2020 – Publication of ITT
22 December 2020 – Briefing for Contractors (Registration required by 21 Dec 2020)
12 January 2021 – Submission of ITT
26-29 January 2021 – Concept Presentation by Shortlisted Contractors
03 February 2021 – Confirmation of Contractor
Timeline to follow approved Project Plan
By mid May 2021 – Complete handover to SDSC. Launch of new website