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A: The I’mPOSSIBLE Buddy Run 2021 is a virtual run and registration will commence from 10 June 2021 and will end on 31 August 2021. Run submissions are until 30 September 2021.

A:  A virtual run is a race that can be run – or even walked – from anywhere, at any time and at your own pace.

A: The I’mPOSSIBLE Buddy Run 2021 challenges individuals to experience the Paralympic values by participating in a buddy run modelled after the guided run, an athletics event for athletes with visual impairment at the Paralympic Games, where a sighted runner is connected to a runner with visual impairment through a tether. Read more about a guide runner’s experience here.

Through the I’mPOSSIBLE Buddy Run 2021, participants are challenged to experience running without the use of their vision. In doing so, we hope to change perceptions of how young people perceive persons with disabilities, thus bringing about a more inclusive society.

A: The I’mPOSSIBLE Buddy Run 2021 will only have one race distance where runners will be required to run a minimum of 4.8 km. 4.8 km is the minimum distance required as the Singapore Disability Sports Council celebrates its 48th anniversary this year. There will be two categories available, Individual and Pair.

A: The I’mPOSSIBLE Buddy Run 2021 encourages everyone to experience running blindfolded or without their sight. There is no minimum distance that one has to clock blindfolded. It is advisable that you run with a partner or buddy, so that your run can be carried out as safely as possible. Here are some tips for the I’mPOSSIBLE Buddy Run 2021:

  1. Choose the venue
  • Find a suitable and spacious place to participate in the run
  • Get familiar with the route and plan out the distances you will be running without your sight
  • Start slow and attempt walking blindfolded with your sighted guide runner before jogging and finally running
  1. Choose your partner
  • It would be advisable to participate in this race with a partner you trust
  • You can utilise a towel or rope as a tether 
  • Test out the activity a few times
  • Each participant will have to complete a minimum of 4.8km each
  • Determine the distance that each participant will be running blindfolded (no minimum distance required)
  1. Calculate the total ‘km’ clocked and submit to SDSC (more details below)
  • Your distances will be added to the national tally. SDSC’s goal is to clock a total distance of 10,625km to commemorate Singapore’s Paralympians’ journey from Singapore to Tokyo, and back.

A: Anyone can participate in the I’mPOSSIBLE Buddy Run 2021. Participants under the age of 18 must seek parental/guardian consent to participate in the race.

Registration Enquiries

A: Registration for the I’mPOSSIBLE Buddy Run 2021 will remain open until 31 August 2021, 2359 Hours.

A: The fee/cost per race slot is stated in the table below:

CategoryRunnersMinimum DistancePriceRace Entitlements
Individual1 (one)4.8km each$181 x medal1 x e-certificate
Pair2 (two)4.8km each$322 x medals2 x e-certificates

A: Payment options accepted are VISA or Mastercard, as per Eventbrite’s accepted payment options.

A: You will receive a confirmation email upon successful registration and payment. 

A: There could be several reasons:

  1. The Confirmation Email has been blocked by your mail server or treated as Spam. Please check your Spam Inbox
  2. Your registration was not successful
  3. The email address entered at the point of registration was incorrect.

If you need any assistance please email us at i.m.possible@sdsc.org.sg.

Participation Enquiries

A: We strongly encourage you to participate in the event with a buddy or partner so that you can experience running blindfolded (no minimum distance running blindfolded is required). The buddy or partner will be able to play the role of a guide runner and help to watch out for your safety.

A: To take part in our buddy run, all runs must be validated by your preferred exercise tracking app. Some examples of such apps include Strava, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, Runtastic, etc.

A: An alternative will be to bring a small towel (or old t-shirt) that can be used as a blindfold. Participants can simply fold it diagonally to increase the length of the blindfold, if needed.

A: Yes, the result submitted will need to show a minimum distance of 4.8 km completed in one run. 

A: Submissions of race attempt/photo are to be submitted via this link. Do note that the submission must contain:

1. Screenshot of the race attempt, i.e. total distance completed (minimum 4.8 km) recorded from your preferred exercise tracking app

2. A photo or selfie of yourself and your buddy (if applicable) taken during the run

You can also upload your photo and detail your experience of the I’mPOSSIBLE Buddy Run 2021 on social media using #ImPossibleBuddyRun2021.

A: You can only make one submission. Please utilise the same email address you used upon registration at Eventbrite. Please make your submission here by 30 September 2021.

A: Please email us at i.m.possible@sdsc.org.sg with your full name, email address and registration number so that we can investigate further and assist you.

A: You will receive an e-certificate and a finisher’s medal.

A: The entitlements will be delivered to you (via local delivery) The race entitlements will be sent to you via mail postage during the month of October 2021.

A: We regret to inform you that any participants who do not complete the minimum distance of 4.8 km will not be eligible to receive the race entitlements. Therefore, we encourage everyone to meet the minimum distance to earn the race entitlements.

Other Enquiries

A: We regret to inform you that all payments made upon successful registration are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please contact i.m.possible@sdsc.org.sg if you need further clarification.

A: In accordance with Sport Singapore advisories, runners are to exercise in groups of 2. Please put on your mask after you have completed the activity. Families from the same household are allowed to exercise together, but are advised to keep in groups of 2. Please note that this information is with reference to current SMM guidelines published on 21 May 2021 and is subjected to changes and updates. Please adhere to the prevailing Government guidelines at all times. You may visit the Sport Singapore website to view the latest measures here. If in doubt, please contact i.m.possible@sdsc.org.sg if you need further clarification.


SDSC shall in no event be liable for any damages, loss, expenses or injuries, including without limitation, direct, indirect, special, or consequential damage, or economic loss arising from or in connection with participation in the I’mPOSSIBLE Buddy Run 2021. We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable experience.


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