0.53s difference to silver: TeamSG finishes the Singapore International Para Cycling Cup with 1 Gold and 2 Bronzes


Following last year’s inaugural success, Singapore International Para Cycling Cup (SIPC) boasted a turnout of 42 cyclists from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Romania and India. This year saw a significant growth from two countries – Singapore and Malaysia – previously. The SPIC 2018 was the first local cycling race to be sanctioned as C1 by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the International Federation for the sport of cycling and it also marked the first time that Trikes – a type of bicycle for persons with lower body immobility – was raced locally. Athletes vied to clock best timings and acquire points to qualify for Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

The athletes had to navigate the 1.7km circuit along Cecil Street and Robinson Road, completing a total 10.2km to 20.4km according to their race category. An adrenaline-filled race, the Women’s Tandem saw a close fight for placing. With a 53 milliseconds difference between the second and third placing for the category, Singaporeans Emily Lee and Sarah Tan came in third with a time of 33:55.78.

Not deterred by the time difference, Emily Lee shares. “We are happy with our results. Despite the rain, we did well. The competition today casts an important spotlight on para cycling and I hope that more people will come out and support the team as we train towards the Asian Para Games 2018”.


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