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Resource by Tracetogether TraceTogether, safer together

Join 2,000,000 users in stopping the spread of COVID-19 through community-driven contact tracing
Resource by Gov.sgNeed a helping hand to get by COVID-19?

Find available grants, funds and packages for individuals. There is now an eligibility checker on this page. Key in your details and it’d help you navigate what schemes and plans may be available to support you.
Resource by SafeEntry All you need to know about SafeEntry

From 12 May 2020, all businesses and services that are in operation at the following list of facilities/places must deploy the SafeEntry system to log the check-in of employees and visitors.
Resource by International Paralympic Committee The IPC’s weekly update on COVID-19

Preparing for a new normal. Read about updates from Dr Stephane Bermon, expert advisor to the IPC on #COVID19
Resource by Super Hero MeA resource to teach those with special needs about Covid-19

An educational resource package for children and people with disabilities to help them develop self-care skills and understand routine changes and protective measures due to COVID-19. It is produced by Superhero Me, with the support of Dr Lim Hong Huay, Dr Leong Hoe Nam, Eden School and Lien Foundation.

A. Nutrition

Having trouble deciding what to eat? Draw inspiration from the resources below and be inspired to eat healthy!

Resource by HealthHubThey say that the body is our sanctuary and we are what we eat. How true this is! Read on to find out how a well-balanced meal keeps you nourished.
Resource by HealthHubHow do I count my calories? Find out more here.
Resource by Singapore Sports InstituteHear it from the expert! Dr Richard Swinbourne, Team Lead, Sport Nutrition, Singapore Sport Institute, shares about nutrition for your immunity.
Resource by HealthHubThe importance of staying hydrated and drink sufficient water cannot be emphasised more.
Resource by HealthHubTake a look at a list of nutrition myths and facts! How many myths did you think were facts?
Resource by Health Promotion Board Here are some recipes you can follow if you need ideas on what to cook!
Resource by AVA/Health Promotion BoardHands up if you never ever take a look at the food label information? It's time to change your behaviour. We need to know what is entering our bodies.

B. Mental Health

Mental strength is a trait we often hear people associate with athletes, while mental health is less commonly spoken about. It is important to be aware of your own mental health and the mental health of those around you. This section serves to equip you to be in sync with your mental health.

Resource by HealthHub7 easy tips for better well-being

If you or your loved ones feel overwhelmed, do seek professional help.

Call Talk2Us Helpline* (1800-8255-287) to speak to someone.
*Helpline is available on weekdays, from 8:30am to 5pm.

Rest assured that your identity will be kept confidential.
Resource by HealthHub6 ways to care for your well-being

Stay healthy in mind and body with these tips for overall well-being
Coming Soon!Here it from the expert! Interview coming soon.

C. Sleep & Recovery

Hands up if you love to sleep?

Resource by HealthHubHaving trouble overcoming insomnia? There might be a reason for this.
Here are 11 habits to adopt for a better rest
Coming Soon!Here it from the expert! Interview coming soon.

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