Temasek Foundation – Project ParAble

Photo credits of picture 5,6: Boon Lay Secondary School

Attention School Leaders, PE HODs and Teachers!

Be part of this unique opportunity from the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) to promote inclusivity and integration between students with and without special needs.

The SDSC, a charity and national sporting body for persons with disability, acts as a member of the Disability Sports Master Plan Implementation Committee to support mainstream schools in understanding disability sports and creating an inclusive sporting environment for students with disability. As part of our efforts, we are introducing a new programme from 2019 called “Temasek Foundation – Project ParAble“.

Details of the programme is below.

Temasek Foundation – Project ParAble

Goals: To provide students and teachers in mainstream schools with the resources and confidence to implement inclusive sports programmes that can lead to sustainable opportunities for students with disability to benefit from physical activity and peer teamwork.

Open to: Any mainstream school. Schools with or expecting students with physical or sensorial impairments (e.g. hearing, sight) would be prioritised.

Costs: No fees payable by the school. All costs for equipment, activities and facilitators would be fully absorbed.

Project components:

Component 1

Below is the list of sports that we offer for this project (maximum 5 sports; schools must choose minimum 2 sports from 1-4):

  1. Boccia
  2. Goalball
  3. Shooting
  4. Seated Volleyball
  5. Athletics (VI Running)
  6. Archery
  7. Para Cycling
  8. Table Tennis
  9. Wheelchair Basketball
  10. Wheelchair Tennis

It is encouraged that schools indicate a commitment to taking up Component 2, before SDSC rolls out Component 1 in your school.

For the first component, we will work according to the school’s schedule and the time available to implement the above sports. Schools can indicate interest in more sports should the impact group be high.

Component 2

The second component of the programme will be implemented on a later date and tailored to each school’s availability. It is mandatory for schools to first complete Component 1 before moving on to Component 2.

For enquiries and to register your interest in the project, please contact:
Mr Loh (
Ms Chia (

This programme is proudly supported by: