The Athlete Support Programme (ASP) is a support scheme for all eligible para-athletes who have been selected by the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) to represent Singapore in International Paralympic Committee (IPC)-sanctioned competitions, or SDSC-recognised competitions.


The ASP was introduced and administered by the SDSC’s Sports Excellence department in order to identify and develop world-class athletes. It is one of the main pillars of the DISABILITY SPORTS 21 programme.

The ASP is part of a larger sports excellence management framework that is designed to support all dedicated athletes with disabilities to excel in sports and achieve their maximum potential through a structured, developmental training programme. The eventual aim of this programme is to allow them to compete at professional levels.

Purpose of ASP

The ASP’s main purpose is to groom talented and promising athletes through a series of training programmes to achieve success in the international sporting arena. Additional to training, these athletes will also be given the necessary support to enable them to develop into world-class athletes and role models for the disabled community.

These athletes will be categorised according to their sports achievements and potential. In recognition of the commitment that these athletes make to long-term training and competition programmes, these athletes will be entitled to certain support schemes and policies within those categories. This is to provide a holistic approach towards the development and welfare of these athletes in the long-run.

ASP Athlete Selection/Eligibility Policy

  • Athletes selected to be in the ASP must be Singapore Citizens and have a good track record of sporting achievements in the preceding financial year (i.e., 1 April – 31 March).
  • Athletes to be selected must be at the top of their cohort in their respective events and categories in local competitions.
  • Athletes to be selected must show potential to excel in major international competitions.
  • Selected athletes will be categorised into “elite” (i.e., A & B), and “developmental” (i.e., C & D) in the ASP:
    • Elite Athletes (Category A & B) are those who have proven achievements and have the potential to win medals at the ASEAN Para-Games and beyond.
    • Developmental Athletes (Category C & D) are promising junior para-athletes who have won medals at national and national age-group competitions and can be groomed in the long-run.
  • Athletes to be considered for selection per category will have to fulfill the following criteria:

  • The athlete’s categorisation lies in the decision of the SDSC Sports Sub-Committee.
  • Should an athlete decide to appeal against his allocated category, they must submit an official request within one week upon notification of their allocated category by SDSC to the SDSC Sports Sub Committee. However, consideration for appeal will be made on a case-by-case basis and SDSC will not entertain subsequent appeals thereafter.

ASP Athlete’s Agreement/Contract

  • Winners of local competitions will be invited to join the SDSC’s Athlete Support Programme. Likewise, interested winners can write in to request admission into the Programme during the months of December – March. They must submit their records together with a brief of why they would like to be in the Programme.
    • New applications thereafter, are open throughout the financial year up to July only and will take effect only from the middle of that financial year (from September onwards).
  • Should an athlete be selected and agree to be in the ASP, he will be required to sign an SDSC – Athlete’s Agreement form (see Annex 1). ASP athletes must abide by the following conditions as stated in the Athlete’s Agreement Form. A breach of the conditions would result in immediate disqualification from the programme and further assistance under the athlete support schemes.
  • A half-yearly review (see ASP Progress Report Form in Annex 2) will be conducted in October of the financial year to ascertain that all ASP athletes have maintained/improved their performance level and are continuing to maintain an adequate level of training and competition regime for the remaining period in the ASP. There will not be any revisions to any athletes’ categories during the review, except where athletes do not maintain an adequate training and competition schedule for the remaining period in the ASP.
  • All athletes in the ASP will be subjected to undergo a medical assessment whenever deemed necessary by SDSC. The medical assessment will be paid for by SDSC and to be conducted by a registered medical practitioner.

Selection Policy of ASP Athletes for Competitions

  • Selection of athletes for overseas competitions will be decided by the SDSC Sports Sub Committee.
  • Certain sports are not measured or timed events. In the selection of athletes for such team sports, it is difficult to make selection decisions based solely upon objective criteria. It is the belief of the SDSC Sports Sub Committee that considering the mix of selection criteria with all components, subjective and objective, will result in the selection of the best athletes who will perform as the best possible team.
  • The SDSC Sports Sub Comm may adopt the following selection criteria:

  1. An athlete who attains at least a 70% score from the above table will be selected.
  2. For sports that are measurable in terms of timing, distance achieved and variable readings (highest, shortest, heaviest, etc), the following objective criteria will be used (not in order of importance): –
    • Minimum qualifying results/ timings/ distance/ readings to be eligible for the level of competition;
    • Best results/ timings/ distance/ readings for those events achieved during the last official competition (local and/or overseas) within the past six months;
    • Best results/ timings/ distance/ readings achieved during the arranged time trials (local and/or overseas);
    • Attendances during training / preparatory sessions;
    • Passing of any necessary medical examinations as prescribed by SDSC; and
    • No past history of misconduct as an athlete (within the past 2 years)
  3. In addition to the objective criteria mentioned in para 1.4.3, the following subjective criteria can and will be used as well for team sports (eg, WC Tennis doubles, relay teams, team sports, 3-man sailing crew, etc) ( not in order of importance): –
    • Coach’s report (eg, potential, medal prospects, etc);
    • Sports Development Officer’s report;
    • Sports Manager’s report;
    • Disciplinary records (within the past two years);
    • Other extenuating reports / compelling reasons. (eg, behaviour, commitment and attitude during training, potential, etc)
  4. SDSC reserves the right to remove the athlete from the selection at any point in time and is not at liberty to justify the removal of the athlete. The Sports Manager shall, within 7 days, by notice in writing, inform the athlete of the SDSC’s decision.
  5. An athlete who has accepted the letter of selection may only be withdrawn from the selection for the following reasons: –
    • Injury sustained during training/accident (certified by a medical doctor);
    • Sudden illness (certified by a medical doctor);
    • Compassionate grounds (eg, bereavement of a relative, spouse/child is hospitalized, etc);
    • Examinations/Work attachments (verified by school /employer); or
    • Other unexpected life events that may affect the focus and morale of the athlete.
  6. The responsibility is on the athlete to give serious thought to his acceptance of the letter of selection. He must be transparent and honest in his communication to SDSC of any impending issues that may adversely affect his participation in the competition that he is selected for.
  7. Should an athlete withdraw from the team without a valid and acceptable reason, he is liable to SDSC for the reimbursement of any costs incurred during the preparations for the competition.

ASP Competition Opportunities

The following table stipulates the competition opportunities for athletes of different carding status:

The SDSC will do its best to send deserving athletes to participate in overseas competitions. However, this is subject to the availability of funds and other more important factors that need to be taken into consideration (e.g., level of security of the host country, high costs of air-tickets to certain countries, other bilateral considerations, et cetera).

The Sports Excellence programme is an elite programme introduced and administered by the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) to identify and develop world-class athletes.

 This programme challenges athletes to excel in sports and achieve their maximum potential through a structured course of intensive training coupled with opportunities to compete at the highest levels.

The Sports Excellence programme has over the years successfully produced a number of regional and world-class athletes for Singapore.


Sports Excellence

  • Establishing a local network of an elite level of competitions in Singapore and create opportunities for more overseas competitive exposure.
  • Develop a comprehensive coaching framework to provide continuity in coaching practices throughout all levels of the SDSC sports programmes.
  • Develop a comprehensive framework for the management of athletes, in terms of support, from recreational level to elite level in order to create a clear development pathway.
  • Establishing sports intelligence database of competitors.
  • Establishing a Centre of Excellence for disability sports, providing for the disabled-friendly facilities and equipment to support and enhance their development.

International Competitions

  • Athletics
    International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Athletics World Championships
  • Badminton
    BWF Para-Badminton World Championships
  • Boccia
    Asia and Oceania Boccia World Championships
  • Sailing
  • Swimming
    International Paralympic Committee (IPC) World Swimming Championships

Major Games

  • Paralympic Games
  • Deaflympics
  • Commonwealth Games
  • ASEAN Para Games
  • Asian Youth Para Games
  • Asian Para Games

spexCarding provides an enhanced level of support for athletes by Sport Singapore. In order to be part of this programme, athletes are required to be nominated by their National Sports Associations (NSAs). Through this programme, athletes are allocated spexCarding levels based on their performance and achievements.

Athlete Life

Developing Team Singapore Holistically, in Education and Career

Athletes under the spexCarding Scheme can also approach the Athlete Life team for opportunities and support.

The Singapore Sport Institute (SSI) set up the Athlete Life team to develop Team Singapore athletes holistically in key areas of education, career, and life-skills. The Athlete Life team comprises of spexBusiness and spexEducation:

  • spexBusiness was launched in November 2013, to assist national athletes to achieve their career goals without compromising their pursuit of sporting excellence. This national initiative also seeks to prepare our Team Singapore athletes for the eventual transition to life-after-sports.
  • spexEducation looks into implementing a support system to help student-athletes achieve their sport without comprising on their academic aspirations.

There are 3 key areas of support for your athletes from the team:

  • Career

Access to a network of 57 athlete-friendly spexBusiness companies across various industries offering various work exposure opportunities.

  • Entrepreneurship guidance

Gain a head start in setting up their business through mentorship guidance, resources, and connections.

  • Athlete Life Coaching

Access to athlete life coaching that guides them into planning and making decisions and proactively prepares them for transitions ahead.

Please contact the Athlete Life team if they would like to:

  • Be connected with various flexible career opportunities in athlete-friendly spexBusiness companies
  • Talk to the team and plan their life, sport, education or career aspirations
  • Be more well-prepared for a career both in and after sport
  • Get mentorship and guidance in setting up their first business 

Please refer to the attached Athlete Life Fact Sheet for more information.

For information on the SportSG spexCarding Scheme and other High-Performance Sports Support programmes, please refer to Singapore Sports High-Performance Sports Support.

The Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) swimming programme aims to raise the profile of the sport in Singapore and to promote participation at both development and elite levels.

The details of the programme can be found below:

SDSC Swimming Development Programme 2021
(Individual has to achieve a minimum of 200 points and swimmers aged 12-15 years old to achieve a minimum of 150 points to join the programme)

SDSC Swimming Elite Programme 2021
(Individual has to achieve a minimum of 400 points to join the programme)

You may use the timing from the following competitions to calculate your points using the World Para-Swimming points calculator:

  • SDSC National Inclusive Swimming Championships 2020/2021
  • SDSC National Youth Swimming Championships 2020/2021

For more information about the WorldPara-Swimming points calculator please click HERE.

If you need more information about the about Development & Elite programme, please email

SDSC Para Swimming Development Programme 2021


The information below shows the requirement to enter SDSC Swimming programme.

Athletes that meet the qualification criteria as the stated below will be considered for the SDSC Development Para Swimming Programme 2021 for a 12 month period from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022

The criteria below does not guarantee an invitation into SDSC Para Swimming Development Programme 2021 but it should be seen as a prerequisite for consideration.

Athletes selected for this programme are seen as potentially possessing the skills, ability and attributes to progress onto a SDSC Para Swimming Elite Programme.

Athletes must be able to show the potential to qualify for Regional Games (Eg: Asean Para Games)

Benefits of Joining

  • World Para Swimming (WPS) is the International Federation (IF)
  • Para-Sports Development model in Singapore.
  • Local talent representing and creating history in the Paralympics Games.
  • Access to insights (benefits to webinars, competition, information and news )
  • Analysis & Performance Tracking
  • Upcoming High Performance Centre

Criteria Process

  • Athletes will only be considered for invitation to the programme providing they have either a WPS S1 – S14 inclusive, WPS or Virtus Classification (II2 & II3).
  • Athletes must be a registered to a swimming club affiliated Singapore Swimming Association (SSA) or from MOE Sped Schools.
  • Only athletes with the minimum age 12 years (2021-Birth Year) will be eligible for consideration.
  • Only recognised WPS offered events that are published in the WPS rulebook for WPS Regional, World or
    Paralympic Games may be considered. For VIRTUS (II2 & II3) event, please refer to the Annex A.
  • Any change in an athlete’s classification at any time for whatever reason during the year will result in a review of the athlete’s place on the programme. If the athlete has not achieved a consideration time for their new classification within an agreed period of time (minimum 3 months from the date of classification change) the athlete will be withdrawn from the programme.
  • Athletes with a physical, visual and Intellectual impairment wishing to be considered for the SDSC Para Swimming Development Programme 2021 must have achieved a minimum of 200 WPS points at the competition below:
    • SDSC National Inclusive Swimming Championships 2020/2021
    • SDSC National Youth Swimming Championships 2020/2021
    • Major Games 2020/2021
    • WPS approved competition 2020/2021
    • SDSC-approved / sanctioned trials or events

*For II2/II3 athletes, please refer to Annex A for the qualification timing.

  • Swimmers age 12-15 can refer to a minimum of 150 WPS points.
  • Points that referring to:
    • World Para Swimming points system
    • British/Germany Para Swimming Multi-Class Disability Points System
  • Split times or performances from time trials will not be considered.
  • All athletes will be required to be showing the required progression along the athlete pathway.

Coaching fee support

Athlete will be reimbursed 95% of the coaching fee (Capped at S$150 per month).


  • Athletes should train under Swim Club that affiliated with SSA.
  • Able to attend a minimum 75% training attendance set by the swimming club.
  • Athletes to submit the receipt & attendance sheet for the reimbursement by end of the month.


Acceptance of invitation to the SDSC Para Swimming Development Programme 2021 is subject to all SDSC conditions and requirements.

Athletes are reminded that their place on the programme is a privilege and not a right and are expected to remain fully committed to their training.

Athletes will be reviewed every 6 months, this is to ensure the continuing to progress and fulfilling the requirements of the programme. After this point some athletes may be removed from the programme or given a period of time to achieve goals that have been outlined. The review will be done between coach and SDSC to track athlete on positive performance progression profile. Any athlete failed to meet the requirement or no longer show progressing on performance may be removed by SDSC and opportunity may reserve for a better next candidate.

Athletes will be signed and compliance with SDSC Athlete Agreement

Athletes are required to be a SDSC Individual/Youth Member

There shall be no right of appeal if an athlete is unsuccessful in attaining a place on the Programme.

Application forms

The following documents are to be submitted to the SDSC:

1. Swimming Elite/Development Programme Registration Form 2021
2. SDSC Membership Application Form

For competitive training programme, please refer to SDSC’s recommended swim clubs as below:

ACE Swim Club

Time: Monday – Friday (6pm-7.30pm)
Contact Person: Ms Lee Eng
For training venue and cost enquiry, please directly contact Ms Lee for more details.

Art Aquatic Swim Club

Time: Monday – Friday (5pm-7pm)
Cost: S$120/mth (add-on $30/mth: 1 hr technique correction on every weekend)
Contact Person: Mr Roland Tan
For training venue enquiry, please directly contact Mr Tan for more details.

Aquatic Performance Swim Club (APSC)
Training Venue: Farrer Park Swimming Complex
Contact Person: Mr Alex Ang
*Subjected for availability slot.
For training cost enquiry, please directly contact Mr Ang for more details.

Ultra Swim School
Training Venue: Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex
Time:Monday-Friday (4pm-6pm)
Cost: S$150/mth
Contact Person: Mr Lionel Leong