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Ontario Soccer
Transformational Coaching
Review & examine the concept of coaching effectiveness and the fundamental principles of Transformational Coaching.

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific
Powering Podiums: Progression through Data Solutions
Understand how tracking and data collection can assist you.
Canadian Sports
For Life
Training Athletes with Physical Disability
The 7 Stages of LTAD from Active Start through to Training to Win.
Canadian Sports
For Life
No Accidental Champions: LTAD for Athletes with Disability
Guide to Long Term Athlete Development.
Ontario SoccerTransformational Coaching
Reviewing and examining the concept of coaching effectiveness and presenting the fundamental principles of Transformational Coaching.
Canadian Sport
Institute Pacific
Powering Podiums: Progression through Data Solutions
How does data collection and tracking help in coaching? What should you look out for?


Canadian Sport Centre AtlanticMedia Training and Professionalism for Today’s Athlete
Communication tools for athletes to master
Australian Coaching CouncilCOVID Safe Sport Coaches & Officials Certification
Become a certified COVID Safe Sport Coach & Official. Enrol in the course for FREE. 
Canadian Sport Centre AtlanticPublic Speaking 101
Learn about different ways to form a connection with your audience.
Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic Building Your Brand and Securing Sponsorship with Social Media
The webinar will explain why you can use social media as a tool and the different strategy that may help towards building and securing sponsorship with social media.
TEDx TalksThe Mathematics of Weight Loss by Ruben Meerman
Ruben Meerman explains and demonstrates an experiment which will show science behind weight loss.



US Olympic and Paralympic Committee

Recovering Effectively Between Training Sessions
Learn about the 5 Rs of Recovery. Refuel, Repair, Rehydrate, Reinforce and Repeat. 

TEDx TalksSport psychology – inside the mind of champion athletes

Speaker: Martin Hagger

Martin provides an overview of the kinds of techniques that elite athletes use to prepare psychologically for their sport, give details of the scientific research into these techniques and how they work, and how the techniques might be used by competitive athetes and coaches to maximise performance.
Canadian Sport Institute Pacific Performance On Demand- Anytime ,Anyplace, Any Condition
This session will focus on putting it all together when it matters. Performance on demand. Mental performance strategies and concepts for tapering, travel, managing ‘threats’ to performance, and executing the competition plan.
Canadian Sports for LifeSleep, Recovery, and Human Performance
Post-exercise recovery and regeneration (PERR) is as important as the training regimen to the complex adaptive process of increasing athletic performance. The foundation of PERR is sleep. Sleep constitutes the passive recovery, regeneration and rest process. Do read up the resources for deeper understanding about how sleep can affect human performance.
Injury Prevention to SportsInjury Prevention in Sports – an infographic created in collaboration with students from the Singapore Institute of Technology.

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