Haw Par Para Sports Bursary Feature: Aden Isaac Peng

21 September 2020

The Haw Par Para Sports Bursary aims to support deserving Persons with Disabilities (PwD) from disadvantaged backgrounds to shine in sports. An estimate of 20 bursaries would be given out each year, ranging between values of $900 and $1,800, to help cope with sport-related expenses that are not supported or subsidised by other funding channels.

A total sum of $42,800 was given out to 31 beneficiaries in the 2019 edition of the Haw Par Para Sports Bursary Awards.

One of the 31 beneficiaries was Aden Isaac Peng. We spoke to Aden and his mother, Woon Shin, about receiving the award in 2019, and how it has helped Aden to pursue his dreams in the sport of swimming.

What are Aden’s sporting dreams or goals?
His dream is to be able to represent Singapore to swim in international competitions.

How is Aden working towards achieving it?
He is very focused and serious when it comes to training. He will not miss any of his training sessions and consistently doing his dry land set given by his coach when there is no training sessions allocated for him.

He also jogs regularly to ensure that he keeps up with his stamina.

Aden is swimming towards his goals

Who are the people Aden would like to thank for your sports journey so far?
Mum, for supporting and encouraging him to pursue his dreams.

Coaches from AquaTechSwimming (ATS) such as:
– Head Coach Danny Yeo, a national swimmer. Aden looks up to him as his role model.
– Coach Zhai, Coach Vernon for guiding him and training him.

How has sport changed Aden’s life?
He is able to focus and perform better in his daily living skills. Also, it create a life goal for him to pursue. He is much more positive in his outlook in life now.

How has the Haw Par Para Sports Bursary helped in Aden’s pursuit of sports?
We were able to pay for his 1-1 stroke corrections with his coach. The fees are rather high and he needs that quite badly as he needed detailed correction in order for him to improve on his timing.  

How can Singaporeans show more support for para sports?
Understand and accept them as part of our society. They would also like to get active and strengthen their health in order to stay positive.

What does #DefyLimits mean to Aden?
Do not let others define you because of what the medical personnel has labelled you. Show the world you are special in your own way.

The application period for this year’s Haw Par Para Sports Bursary are now OPEN. Please find more information here.

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