Help Change Lives Through Sports

Volunteering is about making a difference in other people’s lives through giving, contributing, and assisting them as well as the community at large. It is not just an act to help or benefit other people, but it can also make a difference in our own lives through meeting people with similar interests as well as from all walks of life.

No help is too little as we work to empower people with disabilities to reach their potential.

As a voluntary welfare organisation (VWO) and registered IPC charity, the support of our volunteers is vital.

Why Volunteer With Us

How You Can Help

Learn a new skill, or apply your unique skills in a variety of roles and activities that span over 20 sports.

A. Administrative-based roles

Opportunity to gain insights into the events planning process. Also able to understand and experience the administrative work and operational support that is involved when running an event or programme in SDSC.

Examples include admin support roles such as data entry, filling, office assistant.

Example of Responsibilities:

B. Event-based roles

Opportunity to experience the actual support or conduct of SDSC events or programmes. 

Examples includes: 

1. Event services (E.g. Logistics, transport, food & beverage), 

2. Event conduct (E.g. Championships, fundraising, roadshows)

Example of Responsibilities:

Event services 

Event conduct

C. Skills-based roles

Opportunity to learn and pick up specialised skills for events. 

Examples includes:

1. Media (E.g. Photography, Videography, Design)

2. Sports-related (E.g. Coaching, Assistant Coaching,  Officiating/Refereeing), 

3. Medical Services (E.g. First-aid, Sports Massage, Physiotherapy)

Example of Responsibilities:

Join Us!

Register with us as a volunteer and we will be in touch when an opportunity arises. Register by clicking on this link: https://forms.gle/7jkMe33zx11W2BJcA 

Be a part of a team of passionate people who make change happen. 


For any inquiries, contact the volunteer team at: volunteer@sdsc.org.sg.