The Haw Par Para Sports Bursary aims to support deserving Persons with Disabilities (PwD) from disadvantaged backgrounds to shine in sports. An estimate of 20 bursaries would be given out each year, ranging between values of $900 and $1,800, to help cope with sport-related expenses that are not supported or subsidised by other funding channels.

A total sum of $42,600 was given out to 29 beneficiaries in the 2018 Haw Par Para Sports Bursary Awards.

The application window for 2019 is now closed


Who should apply?

  • Active athletes who are training in programmes supported or managed by SDSC or SDSC’s members and require financial assistance for
    • classification-related expenses (such as medical check-ups, psychological assessments)
    • sports science and medicine expenses (such as physiotherapy, nutrition)
    • training and competition expenses (such as transportation, personal equipment, coaching services, and competition participation fees)

Return applicants (applicants who have received the bursaries before in previous year) are welcome to re-apply.


Application Criteria

  • Individual must be a Singapore Citizen.
  • Applicant must be in good standing with SDSC (no disciplinary record or investigation; have signed the 2019/2020 Athletes’ Agreement with SDSC or relevant Members).
  • Applicant should demonstrate potential, good or improving performance, as well as exemplary conduct in the sport, such as regular attendance and strong commitment.
  • Athletes who are not currently not carded with Sport Singapore would be given priority consideration. Athletes who are on spexScholarship or have been carded L1 or L2 underSportSG spexCarding are NOT eligible. Athletes must also not have been offered SportSG spexCarding and rejected the offer for the current year.
  • Applicant possess a monthly Gross Household Income (GHI*) not exceeding $7,000 or Gross Monthly Per Capita Household Income (PCI^) of $1,500 and below.
  • For individuals who are below 18 years old, parental/guardian consent is required for the application.

*GHI – Total sum of gross income of all the family members living in the same household.

^PCI – Total household’s gross income divided by the total numbers of family members living in the same household.


Bursary Quantum

  • Should the application be successful, the quantum shall range from $900 to $1,800, dependent on assessment of the applicant’s profile and information submitted.

Application Form

  • Application closed

Result of Application

Application outcomes shall be informed to successful applicants by 13 September 2019, together with the award ceremony details.

The Mediacorp Enable Fund (MEF) benefits persons with disabilities. MEF provides financial support for person with disabilities pursuing aspirations such as education, work, or in achieving meaningful objectives. 


Vision and Mission

To help build a society where every citizen of all abilities has a place and role to play. The Fund will focus on efforts to enhance the education, skills and employment prospects of persons with disabilities, as well as foster greater empathy and inclusion for persons with disabilities in the wider community.



The fund benefits persons with disabilities. MEF provides financial support for persons with disabilities pursuing aspirations such as education, work, or in achieving meaningful objectives.



Interested applicants can fill up the application form and submit it to their respective Sports Officers from SDSC. 


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