Committee Members

The Singapore Para Athletes Commission will serve as the collective voice of para athletes in Singapore. As the liaison between SDSC, SNPC and Singapore para athletes, the Singapore Para Athletes Commission seeks to represent the interests and views of para athletes as well as provide effective input into decision-making so that para athletes train and compete within a supportive and transparent system which gives them the best opportunity of reaching sporting excellence goals.


The members of the SDSC/SNPC Athletes’ Commission (year 2015-2018) are:
Ms. Yip Pin Xiu, Chairperson
Mr. Jovin Tan, Vice-Chairperson
Ms. Nurulasyiqah Taha, Honorary Secretary
Mr. Jason Chee, Member
Mr. Khairul Anwar, Member
Mr. Tay Wei Ming, Member

Ex-Officio member : Mr. Justinian Chua, SDSC Sports Manager

To contact the SDSC/SNPC Athletes’ Commission, please email