Athlete Support Programme

The Athlete Support Programme (ASP) is a support scheme for all athletes with disabilities who are eligible and have been selected by the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) to represent Singapore in International Paralympic Committee (IPC) sanctioned competitions or SDSC recognised competitions


The ASP is introduced and administered by the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC)’s Sports Excellence Department to identify and develop world class athletes. It is one of the main pillars of the DISABILITY SPORTS 21 programme.

The ASP is part of a larger sports excellence management framework that is designed to support all dedicated athletes with disabilities to excel in sports and achieve their maximum potential through a structured, developmental training programme; with the eventual aim of allowing them to compete at the highest levels.


Purpose of ASP

The ASP’s main purpose is to groom talented and promising athletes through a series of training programmes to achieve success on the international sporting arena. Besides training, these athletes will also be given the necessary support to enable them to develop into world-class athletes and role models for the disabled community.

These athletes will be categorised according to their sports achievements and potential. In recognition of the commitment that these athletes make to long-term training and competition programmes, these athletes will be entitled to certain support schemes and policies within those categories. This is to provide a holistic approach towards the development and welfare of these athletes in the long-run.


ASP athlete selection / eligibility policy


ASP Athlete’s Agreement/contract


Selection of ASP athletes for competitions policy


ASP Competition Opportunities