SDSC Coach Framework

Importance of Coaching:

Coaches play a very crucial role in sports excellence and helping our athletes to realise their sporting potentials. These individuals motivate, encourage and inspire our athletes and if without them, most athletes would fail to reach their full potential. Coaching is therefore central to the development of sport at every level. A coach is also the athlete’s friend, mentor, competitor and sometimes, a pillar of strength as the athlete pushes himself to the limit and excels on the world sporting stage.

Areas of focus:

Coaches help athletes prepare by looking into their physical, tactical, mental and technical development. Besides being the facilitator in the four areas, coaches need to look into fulfilling the following coaching roles:

Objectives of SDSC’s Coach Framework

Therefore, the objectives of SDSC’s coach framework are:


Coaching levels/scales for SDSC coaches

Beside the above coaching roles, coaches of varying technical and professional capabilities are needed for different level of sports development. For instance, an elite coach must be able to plan a suitable competition schedule for elite para athletes so that they are able to peak at the right moment in important competitions and to allow adequate rest periods in-between competitions and trainings. A junior coach may therefore place more emphasis on the basics of that sport and to build up a good foundation from which the athlete can move onto a higher level or into the next developmental phase of his /her training.

Components of SDSC’s Coaching Levels

There are four different levels for any individual / coach who meet the respective minimum coaching criteria to come into SDSC’s coaching framework. Once they are accepted into the Coaching Framework, they are expected to sign a Coach Agreement:/Contract that would spell out the terms and conditions of their employment, their Targets or Key Performance Indicators and their role and responsibilities as coaches.

Coach Agreement/Contract

All coaches must sign a coach agreement/contract prior to the commencement of any sports training.

Coach’s roles and responsibilities

This will spell out clearly what is required of the coach from the different scales and what is expected of him as an SDSC coach.

Key Performance Indicators/Targets (KPIs)

Target setting is compulsory as it would determine how well the coach performs in his role and is he meeting the desired outcomes. A coach review will be conducted nearer the end of the date to ascertain the coach’s performances in relation to the stated KPIs.

Athletes’ monthly attendance report

Coaches are also required to submit their athletes’ monthly attendance report. This would be a generic template that all coaches must complete and submit to the respective SDO at the end of every month.

Athlete Progress Report

Coaches are also expected fill in a Progress Report to monitor the athletes’ performance on a monthly basis. This Progress Report must be submitted as and when requested for by SDSC.