The Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) is the only organisation in Singapore which reaches across all disability groups, offering a wide range of sports at both elite and non-elite levels. It is, in fact, Singapore’s national disability sports organisation.

You can contribute in one of the areas below;
  • Administrative Support
  • Specialized Support
  • Events Planning & Management
  • Transport Service for the Disabled
  • Medical Service
  • Sports & Competition
Register now and go through our preparatory programme:
  • Attend a Volunteer Orientation
  • SDSC volunteer kit
  • Assist SDSC in their programmes
  • Background information on SDSC and its sports programme
  • Additional sports / skill specific training

For any of the volunteering opportunities, please contact SDSC at corpcomm@sdsc.org.sg

Why you should volunteer?

Benefits Of Being a Volunteer
  • Promotes self-fulfilment, skill acquisition, increase understanding and social integration.
  • Promotes good citizenry early in our lives as we experience the rewards of giving back to the community.
  • Develops passion, learn empathy, gain exposure to different cultures, and develop an appreciation and awareness of the struggles that some individual faces.
  • Builds self-esteem, self-confidence and sense of social responsibility. Please register and undergo one of our preparative programme.

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Administrative support (E.g. data entry, filing, calling)Specialised support (E.g. videography, photography, design, sign language)Event management (E.g. logistics, refereeing, officiating, publicity, food & beverage)Fundraising (E.g. sponsorships, fundraising events and collection of donations)Sports training (E.g. coaching, refereeing, physiotherapy)Transportation (E.g. providing transportation needs for athletes/participants)Medical service (E.g. first-aid, physiotherapy, sports massage)

How did you find out about SDSC?

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