Teachers! Do you want your students to be part of something meaningful that will contribute to our cause of disability sports? We believe organizing a fundraiser will equip students with the ambition, responsibility, marketing skills, and financial know-how of entrepreneurship, skills that cannot be acquired within the classroom.

Volunteers from school

Volunteers from school


Students! You are young, energetic, and full of fun! Do you want to be part of something meaningful outside of school and organize a fundraising project with us? We believe your driven soul will help us raise lots of funds over time and we are excited to hear your ideas.

If you will like to fundraise for our cause, that would be fantastic. You can use any of the suggested fundraising ideas given below or better still, share with us your ideas. We would love to hear more fresh ideas too!

Be creative! Teachers and students can be creative and use many different ways to fundraise for us. It really depends on the size of your project and how many volunteers you intend to involve. We have consolidated some ideas from past events here for your reference.

How can you fundraise for Singapore Disability Sports Council?

  • Organize Sports events (Running/Cycling etc.)
  • Organize a Concert
  • Organize a Funfair Carnival
  • Organize a car wash
  • Organize a film/movie night

Some fun ideas

Transform your school auditorium into a cinema and hold a film night for family and friends! Sell popcorn and drinks and charge an entry fee.

Rally a group of friends and family and organize a carwash. It will be fun with lots of foam involved!

No idea in mind? Why not sign up for our annual Flag Day event and be a volunteer to help us raise funds for the day (Dates will be confirmed on a yearly basis).

We’ll love to hear from you. Contact us at